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Bill Haley

Giving of Your Talents
by Bill Haley, 1 Aug 2010

Bill Haley is one of the founders of He is also President, Interactive of Allied Pixel (, an integrated media production firm specializing in the convergence of HD video, web and interactive media. He can be reached at [email protected].

Bill Haley is a founder of He is also President, Interactive of Allied Pixel (, an integrated media production firm that connects the dots between HD video, web and interactive media. Reach him at [email protected].

If you're reading this column, you're a creative person. And that means you have much to share with the world.

The people who make up Philly Creative Guide cover a broad spectrum... illustrators, writers, photographers, public relations pros, interactive developers and about 200 other categories. There are over 1600 individuals and firms listed in the Guide.

The SuperPages list 824 charitable and nonprofit organizations in the Philadelphia area. I suspect the real number is probably ten times that.

It's no secret that public and private funding for nonprofits has diminished in the past decade, and especially so during our current economic doldrums. At the same time, those relying on them are more dependent than ever.

You can help. Have you considered lending your talents to a nonprofit group? Besides providing an immeasurable service to mankind, you may find that your efforts are rewarded in ways you'd never imagine.

In 1993 I was just getting my business off the ground. I had few clients but plenty of time and energy. My friend Russ had a son with hemophilia, and served on the board of the National Hemophilia Foundation's Philly chapter. Long story short, I did a series of pro bono PSA's for them. The spots caught the attention of the fundraising people at the (as yet unbuilt) Kimmel Center. As a result, I landed my first high-profile gig. Mayor Rendell watched the film in front of a packed room at City Hall, called it "perfect" and singled me out. There were some agency people in the crowd, and that led to my first big agency gig.

Seventeen years later, my firm does a ton of work with nonprofits and we're giving back more than ever. We are now in our third year of the Partners in Progress program, a $25,000 annual production grant awarded to a nonprofit group in the greater Philadelphia area. This year's winner is the Adoption Center of the Delaware Valley. The work that these people do is so absolutely vital, and the stories will just make you cry. We are honored to be working with them.

We don't do Partners in Progress for any kind of financial gain. We do it because we can, and because it's the right thing to do, and because it makes us feel really good.

Whether the contribution you can make is big or small, there is a nonprofit group out there that could surely benefit from your talents. Chances are, you'll benefit too.

Learn more about Partners in Progress at

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