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Andrew Pinkham | Photographer and Illustrator

Andrew Pinkham
by Juanita Berge, 1 Nov 2010

As a child growing up in Chester County, PA, I was always surrounded by animals and art of them. Many houses that I visited had grand, opulent paintings and it has had a profound influence on my work today. Painters such as George Stubbs and John James Audubon impacted my work and these historic influences are offset by my modern day means of fabrication. I want to challenge beliefs of what we think of as historical or authentic, whether it was made yesterday or hundreds of years ago... to blur the lines of time and to engage the viewer in how we interpret history itself.

Andrew can be reached at [email protected].

PCG: Tell me about what you do.

AP: I am a photographer in title only and I do so much more. My latest work is based on an idea that I came up with about 4 years ago. It all started with one of our greyhounds, Suky. What merely started out as a photo session turned into something all together different. No one could tell when her portrait was made. From then on, I set out create work that drew nothing from the present and I've been looking back ever since.

Andrew Pinkham, Photographer and Illustrator

PCG: How did you get to where you are today?

AP: Through having a clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish, unyielding support from my wife & family, and hard work.

PCG: Which projects or experiences in your career stand out, and why?

AP: Any animal portrait that I've ever done stands out. They have taken on a life of their own and have become bigger than just myself. I have created a sort of culture of made up history around this work.

Andrew Pinkham, Photographer and Illustrator

PCG: What were and are the main motivators/influences on you and why?

AP: I'd say a lot comes from my childhood experiences and where I grew up. I was always in some sort of art class at the Chester County Art Association. I have always had an insatiable need for nuance and discovery and I have always been fascinated by this kind of work.

Andrew Pinkham, Photographer and Illustrator

PCG: What have you learned along the way?

AP: I have learned that hard work pays off and, to be really clear about what you want from your career. Along the way I have really learned to trust my gut instincts and they almost always have pointed me in the right direction.

PCG: What advice do you have for others in your field, and for the Philly creative community in general?

AP: As Johnny Rotten and Mr. Rogers put it, BE YOURSELF! When people say that your work looks like someone else's, it's time to move on. The world doesn't need more of the same and there is always room for something special and unique.

Andrew Pinkham, Photographer and Illustrator

PCG: What do you do in your spare time?

AP: Volunteer for my community, work around the house, thinking and tossing ideas about for my next project. I have an incredibly busy mind that is like some kind of kinetic contraption that never stops.

PCG: Do you have an unrealized goal or aspiration?

AP: Would love to have my work shown on the Martha Stewart Show and, or the Oprah Show.

PCG: What would we be surprised to know about you?

AP: I was almost struck by lightning once, so close, I could smell the carbon.

Andrew Pinkham, Photographer and Illustrator

PCG: How do you stay up-to-date in your career?

AP: Up to date sounds funny because my inspirations are derived from the past. There is no real guide book on what I should be doing next. I am always making an effort to get my work seen by a wider audience.

PCG: Who do you admire most?

AP: Anyone who has ever taken a chance against all odds and believed in them selves.

PCG: If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?

AP: Probably painting.

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