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The Philly Creative Guide is a terrific way to reach Philadelphia 's creative community. Banner ads are available on the home page and throughout the site. We invite you to get exposed on the region’s most complete directory of creative professionals, firms and resources.

Guidelines for Banner Ad Submissions

Banner Ads are available in several sizes and formats. The Philly Creative Guide team will be happy to create a banner for you if you don’t already have one. Fixed-position banners are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Table 1: Banner Ad Submission Lead Times
Banner Type Format Lead Time
(Double/Single High/Footer)
Gif, Jpeg Two (2) business days
Rich Media
(Double/Single High/Footer)
Flash Four (4) business days
Homepage Banner
Gif, Jpeg, Flash Five (5) business days
Monthly eBlast Gif, Jpeg Four (4) business days prior to 1st of each month

Banner Ad Specifications

These are the dimensions and maximum file sizes for the various Banner Ad types.

Table 2: Banner Ad Specifications
Creative Type Art Size Gif/Jpeg File Size Rich Media File Size
Single High Banner 209x87 10k 15k
Double High Banner 209x174 15k 20k
Homepage Banner
728x90 20k 30k
eBlast Banner 540x100 15k N/A

Banner Ad Packages

We offer a variety of Banner Ad packages for your convenience. Prices are per month, with rotating positions. For fixed positions, add 50%. Please contact us for availability and long-term plans. Don’t have a banner ad? We'll create one for you for $75.

Table 3: Banner Ad Package Comparison Chart
Banner Type Includes Price
Single High One (1) Single High Banner $50.00
Double High One (1) Double High Banner $75.00
Footer* One (1) Footer Banner $125.00
Monthly eBlast One (1) eBlast Banner (published monthly) $200.00
Custom Please contact us to create a custom banner package tailored to your needs. Varies

*Footer banners rotate with up to two other advertisers. Exclusive footer banners are available at double cost.