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Marta Reis

Awakening the Joy of Creativity
Accessing Creative Wisdom
by Marta Reis, 1 Jun 2007

Marta Reis is a creativity coach and publicist. Since graduating from the University of the Arts in 1991, Marta has invested a great deal of time, energy and resources into helping creative individuals polish and trust in their natural talents. She has studied and practiced timeless principles applied by both ancient and modern teachers as well as business leaders.

In 2004, after engaging in a mentorship with James Ray, one of the teachers of the film, "The Secret", Marta founded Visionality. She developed additional skills in publicity, marketing & communications, public relations, branding and business management to address the needs of creative professionals and to encourage the use of art and communications to make a living and experience success. Through individual coaching, group sessions, workshops, teleseminars and creativity immersion retreats, Visionality provides a process for self-realization and healing as well as an outlet for people to express what's deep in their hearts.

Visionality has helped a bridge player become a world champion, a writer publish his first book, and a local musician record and produce his first solo CD. Visionality is also the program developer and producer of New Century Television's soon to be launched "Visionary Entertainment Channel". For more information visit and

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Numerous people, whether a client, colleague or friend have asked me a similar question – am I creative? I always respond with a resounding, "YES!" The confidence in this response comes from studying, understanding, practicing, observing and engaging in my own creative process for over a decade. I have discovered two very simple things: nothing teaches you more about creativity than your constant exploration and experience of it in your own life and what we are all seeking are the tools to cause our own joy and creative lifestyle!

"The oak sleeps in the acorn... dreams, are the seedlings
of realities."

– James Allen

In the acorn is a whole forest – within us is a forest of individual thoughts, ideas, dreams and visions that are waiting to become real. What clouds our understanding is knowing how to access that "forest" of individual thoughts, ideas, dreams and visions.

When we think of being creative, what often comes to mind are the tools or outlets for creativity, yet the painting, drawing, music, book or film, are the outlets through which creativity is expressed. Just like the map is not the territory, the art form is not the creativity. Creativity is energy; it's an invisible, inexpressible substance that drives our thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams, actions and ultimately our results. Energy, life force, or creativity - however you call it, name it or refer to it - we all speak of the same essence and quality. At any moment in life, we have at our disposal this awesome and usable power. It's not only valuable, but also critical to our livelihood to define and engage in a relationship with the creative source within us. The relationship or the frequent visits to the "forest" is the access to creative wisdom. While many have used meditation, chanting, running, drumming and a variety of other methods or approaches to awaken, commune and expand the relationship, you must discover your own unique approach to accessing and using creative power.

We express or use creativity through action and form and our results are accomplished through enjoyable activity. Your environment or setting needs to be infused with inspiration, otherwise NOTHING HAPPENS. Creativity cannot exist under stressful and negative conditions. Find a quiet spot. Stop for a moment and look around you. Everything you see, touch, feel, taste, and hear is a sign, a message, an idea, a symbol, or an icon made by a creative mind. It reflects an inner creative world that is also available to you. Listen carefully and look closely - what you perceive is the human creative spirit.

When I first explored and defined what creativity meant for me, it took me a few drafts, but I was able to distill the essence into one word – Visionality. It's the ability, art and practice of turning visions into reality. It's love-based thinking, speaking and acting; it's transforming my work into a work of love. When you look at the origin of the word creativity, you encounter yet another dynamic quality. Creativity is to bring something into existence through a course of action, behavior and imagination.

Now, it's your turn. Take out a piece of paper and write your own personal definition of creativity. How does creativity feel? How do you experience it in your life? What are the qualities of it and what does it evoke? What type of image do you associate with it, what sound does it make and does it have a tactile quality color or smell? Write everything that comes to mind. There are numerous qualities you can ascribe to creativity; choose the qualities that most infuse you with joy. Pay attention and extract the essence and the personal meaning. Deeply engage in defining creativity and in time, your observations will become the visual and spoken language that fuels your creative projects such as books, paintings or music. Your observations will also illuminate patterns and themes that are valuable to you such as nature, community or adventure; themes you can continue to express through various artistic forms.

"Art teaches us nothing, except the significance of life."
– Henry Miller

I have touched briefly here on a subject that is a life-long exploration and a means to understand the significance of life - a timeless and inexhaustible inquiry. For those who would like to further explore the creative process started here, I offer you a FREE 1-hour creative session.

Wishing you the courage to live the life of your dreams, honoring and allowing what's deep in your heart to shape your actions and destiny.

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