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Samantha Frazier

by Samantha Frazier, 1 Mar 2011

Samantha Frazier, a graduate of Temple University, is currently the Member Relations representative for MiND TV. As the head of Member Relations, Samantha works closely with MiND members and helps them to create programs for both on air and internet distribution. Prior to her present position, Samantha worked in the production department at MiND gaining a strong background in the technical aspects of television production.

MiND TV is Philly's only truly independent television station. In fact, it's one of only a handful of completely independent television stations across the country. It's not PBS and it's not public access- it is a truly unique entity controlled by the community.

You may be familiar with WYBE, the name MiND TV operated under for over 15 years. WYBE prided itself on diverse, international news programming and documentaries. WYBE served unique audiences throughout the Philadelphia area with Korean, Greek, Indian and Ukrainian programming (to name a few!). Some of these shows were not available anywhere else in the entire United States. In the development of MiND, we wanted to maintain the diversity and give our audience a voice. And, we're doing this in a unique way.

MiND TV, Philly’s Only Independent Television Station

MiND emphasizes learning, social awareness, and a hands-on approach to media. Our members tell their stories through 5-minute programs. And, we teach them how to do it! Included in a MIND membership is attendance to a day-long "Boot Camp" that covers all aspects of video production. MiND member Ted Lee describes MiND's Boot Camp as a way to refresh his film projects and learn new, updated techniques for the film industry. Lee hopes to have his programs promote local activism. "I want to raise issues that aren't being raised in mass media, and to help viewers ask questions about public policies."

We believe that by providing the resources and tools for people to tell their stories, we can help make the world a better place.

MiND's program schedule is filled with 5-minute programs; half of them are made by our members, and half our made by our in-house production and graphic departments. Every MiND program plays on-air and online for two years. You can also find a live stream of what's on-air, online at our website.

MiND TV, Philly’s Only Independent Television Station

Recently, MiND has worked with many organizations in the Philadelphia area, including the Mazzoni Center, Drexel University's Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence, Greater Philadelphia Cares and Pennsylvania Buy Fresh, Buy Local, just to name a few. These partnerships have resulted in greater exposure for these organizations, television programs that air on MiND and community screening and discussion events.

MiND TV, Philly’s Only Independent Television Station

By providing access to individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses, MiND is working to reinvent television. Working within some basic rules set by the FCC and within standards set by the local community, MiND is TV by the people and for the people. Our agenda is set by the community, not by unseen program executives or corporate owners. Our goal is to enable individuals and organizations to tell their stories through the medium of video and share them with the world.

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