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Harry Giglio

Harry Giglio Productions
by , 1 Nov 2010

Harry Giglio is an award-winning photographer and creator of incomparable still and video imagery for a broad range of corporate, public-sector and individual clients. His incomparable, award-winning imagery has appeared in local, national and international forums. He started his journey into photography in 1981, soon after graduating with a degree in fine arts from Carnegie-Mellon University. His company, Harry Giglio Productions, offers the latest in digital technology and an experienced support staff to accommodate the most sophisticated studio and location shooting requirements.

Constant reinvention has lead to a legacy of provocative image making at Harry Giglio Productions

Harry Giglio recounts the beginning of his company this way: "I started as an assistant and then opened a small studio in Downtown Pittsburgh. I began to attract assignments from advertising agencies and design firms. My client base quickly expanded beyond Pittsburgh, and I began working all over the world. I soon developed a passion for studio work—shooting all types of subjects: people, animals, industrial products, food, glassware and much more."

Harry Giglio Productions

When asked what makes his approach unique, he says, "Whatever I am shooting, I strive to create images—to tell stories—in ways that have never been done before—to see things as they are usually not seen. That's always the challenge... that's always the reward—for my clients and for me."

Harry Giglio Productions

While still photography is a mainstay, recent projects have included video assignments in multiple cities that focused on unique career stories and profiles of accomplished professionals. Video shoots such as these are often packaged to offer clients an array of still photos, as well. "The settings for these shoots can be demanding. I have shot in the heart of San Francisco and in the middle of swamp—all in the same day," he explains.

Harry Giglio Productions

Harry Giglio Productions' diverse client roster includes many Fortune 500, mid-sized and start-up companies, public sector organizations, ad agencies, design firms, and some notable individuals. With an experienced support team that includes photo assistants, stylists and technical experts, Harry Giglio Productions provides digital photography and video, plus a 12,000 square-foot studio that can accommodate virtually any shooting requirement.

Harry Giglio Productions

"With today's technology, it's less about where you're located and more about the talent and experience you bring to an assignment. But one thing is for sure: When I shoot in Philly, I never leave without a visit to Pat's Cheese Steaks," he says.

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