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Assembling a Host of Video Talent and Technology
by David Fish, 1 Oct 2010

Combining years of directing, producing and editing film and video for commercials, television programs, corporate communications, healthcare & educational institutions and other non-profits, Assembly partners John Knapich and David Fish believe the cornerstone of their endeavor is an appreciation for power of moving images. Thriving on a deep appreciation and understanding of the art of editing, camerawork and sound, the talented eyes and ears at Assembly are building a reputation for using video to tell compelling stories with intention, impact and emotion. The partners at Assembly also recognize the air of ubiquity surrounding video in the marketplace and thus the significance of producing work that stands out.

Assembly currently provides production and editing services for The University of Pennsylvania, Digitas Health, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and The Hal Lewis Group among others. Their studio is in Manayunk. Visit to see some of their work.

What we do

Assembly is an innovative video production and post-production company with a focus on creative storytelling. Looking for practical and innovative ways to use video to reach new audiences, many clients that have never used video before are seeking our knowledge and resources to guide them. Some come to us solely for post-production (editing, graphics, animation, video encoding), while others are realizing the benefits of what we bring to the table for production as well: A directorial approach that is rich in editorial perspective, intuition and foresight. When shooting a production, we instinctively see the forest through the trees, constantly aware of how the footage will cut together in the editing room and making hundreds of decisions based on this awareness that pave the way to a highly efficient post production process.

Assembling a Host of Video Talent and Technology

Added Value

With technology in the video world moving at a blistering pace, we are constantly seeking ways to work more flexibly and efficiently. Now more than ever, digital video acquisition, editing, and delivery require careful attention to compatibility and consistency, with the technical considerations of one stage impacting the next. Clients rely not only on our creative instincts, but also on our ability to communicate & share technical expertise for the greater good. The result is a more streamlined, deliberate process from production through post-production. Providing clients with solutions that leverage our expertise in synthesizing an array of new technology that can add both value and creativity to their video projects is a responsibility we take seriously.

Assembling a Host of Video Talent and Technology

The Work

Two recent projects epitomize the variety of work we do. Last month, the women's clothing retailer, White House Black Market tapped our documentary storytelling capabilities. Partnering with Lunchbox Communications, we interviewed 25 breast cancer survivors (intended to commemorate the brand's 25th anniversary) and then edited their individual stories into 2-3 minute segments for the web. Each story of survivorship has an emotional tenor that is typical of the many healthcare related projects we produce. Conceptualized and completed in three weeks time, the results can be seen at:

Assembling a Host of Video Talent and Technology

Another project we recently completed, for the National Parks Service, involved post-production for the video components of "The President's House", a new permanent installation to be debuted in December at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. For this project, narrative vignettes (shot against a green screen) and 3D illustrations depicting historical times were delivered to us for compositing into digital files for interactive integration on large monitors to be installed at the site. This link elaborates on the installation:

Assembling a Host of Video Talent and Technology

For more information on Assembly and to screen some of our work, visit our website:, or contact

David Fish
Executive Director
161 Leverington Ave, Suite 1002
Philadelphia, PA 19127
[email protected]

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