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Nobody Likes to Read Anymore
by Amy Binder, 1 Jun 2010

Amy Binder jumped off the corporate ladder in 2000, after a career that included VP positions in communications at two global companies. Now she is celebrating 10 years as AMY INK, a freelance writing business based in Media, Pa., that provides "Fresh Thinking, Effective Writing" to clients around the world.

"Nobody Likes to Read Anymore"

That's often one of the first things potential clients tell me. Then they hire me to write a clear, concise, effective message to their employees, their shareholders, their customers, or their potential "all of the above."

Whether one likes to read or not is a moot point. The reality is: reading happens. The constant challenge is to present content in a way that engages the reader. So let me amend my opening statement: "Nobody likes to read boring material."

That's why my first objective in starting AMY INK, back in 2000, was to bring fresh thinking and effective writing to the table. I had been in the corporate world for many years, working my way through the various disciplines and levels of the communications function. Eventually, I became vice president of corporate communications for two global corporations—and then I jumped to the freelance side of the fence.

As a corporate staffer, I had never dreamed of outsourcing the writing of annual reports, executive speeches, employee publications, marketing materials, Web sites. How could someone else quickly come up to speed on my company?

Now, I know. It's how I make my living.

I still do many of the same kinds of projects I did while in the corporate world—but now I write for clients big and small, for global concerns and local players, and on everything from complicated science to the simplicity of choosing wallpaper. The common thread running though my work is a focus on communicating key messages with clarity and purpose.

I understand the stresses and demands on the people who have the corporate jobs I once held. I can anticipate their needs, fill the information gaps, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. I see my job as making my clients look good – be they corporate communicators, design firms, or business owners—and to make their lives just a little bit easier. Maybe that's the reason I have so much repeat business with long-time clients. They have come to rely on me, and they delegate projects with full confidence I will deliver.

I've had clients call me about new projects the day before Thanksgiving and on Christmas Eve. Apparently, it's never too late to call a freelancer. The bad news is I work from home and can always be reached. The good news is I work from home and can always be reached.

AMY INK, based in Delaware County, Pa., works with clients in the greater Philadelphia area, across the nation, and around the world.

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