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Steve Boyle Photo - Sports, Portraits, Editorial & Commercial Photography
by Steve Boyle, 1 Feb 2010

Philadelphia photographer Steve Boyle creates photographs for magazines, corporations and advertising agencies. A background in documentary photojournalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism shapes his images and photographic approach. While his specialty and passion lie with action and sports photography, Boyle loves the new challenges recent work outside of that realm provides. Lately Boyle has explored fashion, lifestyle and PR work and looks forward to new opportunities in 2010.

BRIEF HISTORY - I began my career like many professional photographers, by shooting for my high school newspaper, the Knight Crier, while attending North Penn High School in suburban Philadelphia. I studied photojournalism at the University of Missouri where I worked as an athletic department photographer for 4 years, covering all of the schools 27 NCAA sports. Failed internship applications and rejections from photo editing positions led me to assist a Sports Illustrated photographer for a year before I began my freelance career. Lack of focus at running my own business brought me to a photo editing position at Runner's World for six months before I gave Steve Boyle Photo 110% in the early months of 2006. I've been going strong since then.

Steve Boyle Photo - Sports, Portraits, Editorial & Commercial Photography

CLAIM TO FAME – I don't have a claim to fame at this time since I'm not famous nor do I want to be, so I'll discuss one of my favorite assignments and one assignment that I'll never forget.

Steve Boyle Photo - Sports, Portraits, Editorial & Commercial Photography

Shooting a football game of ex-high school players, on a field with a temperature of 120 degrees, with the winner receiving merely pride, hardly sounds like a dream assignment, but for me, it was the perfect assignment. Gatorade announced their latest endeavor entitled REPLAY in January 2009. The football players of the Easton Red Rovers and the Phillipsburg State Liners would be replaying their high school gridiron battle from 1993 that ended in a 7-7 tie. Over a period of two months I documented their journey, shooting portraits of everyone involved and providing all of the still images from the filming for the webisodes / television series, which can be viewed at This has been my favorite assignment because it involved a great client and all of my skills: documentary, location portraits, sports action.

Steve Boyle Photo - Sports, Portraits, Editorial & Commercial Photography

One assignment that I'll never forget was for Runner's World in November 2007, I was assigned to cover the Men's Olympic Marathon Trials in New York City. The magazine was looking for a great image from the start and some frames of the top three finishers together. Little did anyone know the day would take a turn for the worse. I photographed the start before the sun came up, then hopped in a cab to get to a spot in Central Park to cover some in-race action. As I walked the course, I came across a crowd of race personnel hovered over a runner on the ground. I immediately began shooting for two reasons: no one was else was around and all of the athletes in the race were elite American runners so anyone injured would be news. The runner laid lifeless as various medical personal performed CPR for what seemed like 10 minutes until an ambulance arrived. That scene is a flash-bulb memory burned into my mind. The runner, Ryan Shay, was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead before the conclusion of the race. I was part of discussions with the executive editor of Runner's World on his decision of whether or not to run images from the scene. The magazine ended up running one small image that was shot from a distance. ESPN also did a piece on Shay and his wife. Some of the licensing fees I received for that usage were donated to the American Heart Association in memory of Shay since it was later revealed that he died of complications from an enlarged heart. That was tragic day for the running community as well as the Shay family and one I will never forget.

Steve Boyle Photo - Sports, Portraits, Editorial & Commercial Photography

TYPES OF CLIENTS – Currently I shot for a mix of editorial and commercial clients. I do a lot of work for ESPN, mainly their high school division called ESPN Rise. Each assignment requires a cover shot and several inside images, including a 2-page spread. The challenge of these assignments is making high school athletes that have never been photographed before comfortable in front of the camera and also finding compelling locations to shoot literally minutes before the athletes are scheduled to arrive. Editorially I also work with Runner's World, American Medical News, USA Today and Yahoo! Past commercial clients include Converse, Gatorade, Unilever / Vaseline and K1X Clothing.

Steve Boyle Photo - Sports, Portraits, Editorial & Commercial Photography

I have had the opportunity to work with Chase Utley and Michael Strahan for Men's Vaseline as well as Peyton & Eli Manning and Usain Bolt for Gatorade.

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