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Bosha Design and Communications: A Tail of Success
by Barbara Bosha, 1 Oct 2009

Bosha Design and Communications, Inc. is a full-service graphic design company specializing in employee communications. We deliver inspired, effective visual communications that support strategy and facilitate change management. Our award-winning creative team has more than 25 years of experience in marketing and communications, strategic and tactical planning, and project management. Our expertise includes integrated campaigns that span print, interactive, signage, and specialty items.

We provide the strength of a large design firm with the attention to detail you would expect from a close partner. We pride ourselves on delivering projects on time, and within budget.

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Some dogs eat your homework; my dog has helped Bosha Design and Communications win marketing awards from the Philadelphia American Marketing Association and the Public Relations Society of America—while also cementing our reputation in the industry as a creative design firm that provides truly personal attention to each and every project.

Bosha Design and Communications: A Tail of Success

Let me tell you about the campaign... We have often used the "Spike says, 'Speak Up for Safety'" campaign as an example of how Bosha Design and Communications provides unique and integrated solutions for our clients that yield measurable results. In 2006, Rohm and Haas Company approached us for a new employee safety campaign, because safety performance had reached a plateau at key sites, and the company needed fresh ideas for engaging employees in safety.

Through focus group sessions, we learned that the biggest barriers to talking about safety were: 1) awkwardness around giving / receiving safety feedback, and 2) lack of training. Rohm and Haas had already purchased the training tools, but they didn't know how to make those tools effective—or how to promote their use. To solve this problem, Bosha Design created a fun, interactive safety campaign, featuring "Spike," the "Speak Up and Listen Up" safety mascot, with the idea that our entertaining campaign materials would serve as an "ice breaker" that would encourage employees to use the new skills they had learned in the training.

Rohm and Haas didn't want to use stock photography for the campaign, so my very own dog—a goofy (yet highly safety-conscious) mutt—happily auditioned for the role. Once we had our star, we built the campaign materials around the goal of inspiring employees to talk to each other about safety. The client heeded our advice that the tactics needed to be fun, interactive and downright quirky at times to get people talking.

Bosha Design and Communications: A Tail of Success

And talk they did! From fun giveaways, to eye-catching posters, to safety-sharing events, the campaign soon yielded measurable positive results as safety discussions increased. Survey results indicated that employee safety participation increased over 50%, and the company's headquarters for Research & Development (the pilot site for the campaign) experienced over a year without any workplace injuries, a milestone record for the site. The "Spike" campaign has continued to grow, and we have helped the company market new safety messages and initiatives, including a successful safety mentoring program, security awareness projects, and programs aimed at reducing specific injury types.

Bosha Design and Communications: A Tail of Success

The success of our "Spike" campaign didn't go unnoticed in the marketing industry, and Bosha Design received marketing awards from the Philadelphia American Marketing Association (PAMA) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). At the PAMA, our team had to chuckle as we wandered through the winner exhibit, which juxtaposed "Spike," the loveable (but virtually unknown) safety dog with highly recognizable companies and campaigns, including the Comcast "Slowskys" campaign and the Franklin Institute King Tut promotion.

Bosha Design and Communications: A Tail of Success

For some, it would be tempting to end this story with a cute (and unnecessary) dog saying to describe our success with this particular campaign. So let's just say that Bosha Design and Communications has earned a reputation as a firm that will always discover a creative and effective solution for our wide range of clients. No bones about it.

Let me tell you what Bosha Design and Communications can do for you... The "Spike" campaign represents just one example of the many innovative solutions we have provided our clients over the past 25 years. We have produced award-winning designs, campaigns, and programs for a varied list of entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 clients, including Rohm and Haas Company and Johnson & Johnson.

Bosha Design and Communications: A Tail of Success

We believe in making your life easier. We act as a one-stop shop for all of your project needs, from strategy development, execution, finishing and delivery. We take care of the details, and make sure that all timelines and budgets are met.

We believe in understanding your unique goals to provide creative and customized solutions. We don't have a regular "bag of tricks" when we work with our clients. We believe in looking at each project with a clean slate and fresh eyes to find inspired solutions that yield measurable results.

We believe you should have fun working with us. We enjoy working with each other, and it shows in our work. We are flexible, responsive and inventive, and we believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients.

Learn more about our team (including my dog "Spike") at

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