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Mirror Image Media & Duplication
by Annamarya Scaccia, 1 Jul 2009

Philadelphia transplant, Annamarya Scaccia is editor of Origivation Magazine. She also penned the poetry collection, "Destiny for a Tragedy" available on

The story of the Philadelphia-based Mirror Image Media and Duplication starts with the overwhelming desire and need for change.

"One morning in [New York City], I was walking to work and realized that after several years of successfully running my previous company, I wasn't where I wanted to be," says Mirror Image's Founder and President, Brian Cronin. "I always was coming up with new ideas and products but the company wasn't ready to go as far as I wanted to. So I decided to come back to the city where I started, Philadelphia, many years ago and start my own media based company."

Since opening its doors in the winter of 2004, Mirror Image has become a fixture in the Philadelphia music community and beyond, all through word-of-mouth. By continuously providing impressive creative services and quality products to his clients, the grapevine buzzed with how well Mirror Image was doing, and the orders began pouring in. It's something Cronin considers one of his company's greatest successes. "Being in business for almost five years without advertising, all of Mirror Image's clients are from 'Word of Mouth,' and that is what I call an accomplishment," he says.

Mirror Image Media & Duplication

Originally starting out primarily as a disc duplication company, Mirror Image Media and Duplication expanded its services to include graphic design, web hosting and development, and partnered with a New York-based corporation for customer's printing needs. Typical clients who seek Mirror Image's work include Major and independent record labels, local musicians and artists, diverse business corporations, local restaurants, hotels, and individuals who want to their home movies converted to DVD. And while the New Jersey native has worked with a variety of celebrities, it's not about name-dropping for him – unlike fame seekers, Cronin cares more about the relationships he's built with his clients. "I prefer to be the 'go to' person in the industry," he says.

In addition to owning and operating Mirror Image Media and Duplication, Cronin publishes Origivation, Philadelphia's top monthly music magazine, as well as hosts the magazine's Internet radio show, The O list, every Wednesday from 7 pm – 9 pm on The company is also affiliated with Get it Now! Cards, Inner-Circle, Volta Radio, Thorpe Productions, Dewey Beach Music festivals, Bands on a Budget, and Philadelphia's Independent Film Festivals, along with other local events.

With such an array of services and products, along with a reputation for providing exceptional work, Mirror Image will only continue to grow. So where does Cronin see his company going in five years? "I see Mirror Image being apart of the movement of today's technology while keeping the personal approach to our client's needs," he says. "We always want to be cutting edge; however, we want to provide the services our clients have learned to depend upon."

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