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by Leo Daiuto, 1 May 2009

Leo Daiuto, CEO and Founder of Slamm Creative, is an entrepreneur and creative professional. He can be found online at and on Twitter: @daiuto99

Slamm Creative is a company of entrepreneurs, creative professionals, technologists and idea incubators, dedicating as much time and energy to the success of our clients as to our own. With a combined 40 years of fortune 100 experience working with some of the world's biggest companies and institutions, Slamm is not your typical creative company.

They can be found online at as well as on facebook and twitter.

These experiences have led them down countless paths, working with both public and privately held companies in the sports and entertainment industry, healthcare, hospitality, technology, government-associated corporations, and not-for-profit organizations. Each new client brings its own set of challenges, each welcomed with a un-passion and fresh approach, and they pride themselves on enabling clients to not only see the possibilities but get jacked up about the process of bringing it to life. Constantly redefining ROI as Return On Imagination.

Slamm was founded by entrepreneur and creative professional Leo Daiuto after years of founding and running the user experience and human factors organization for Unisys. Leo was not only responsible for all aspects of how users and potential users would interact with all of Unisys products, but was also chartered to be an agent of change within the company. Leo focused on injecting new ways of thinking and establishing a culture that shifted focus away from what had always been done, to one that fostered and nurtured new ideas. Leo was quickly joined by business strategist and marketeer (and brother) Anthony Daiuto, who brought his experience of joint venture and collaboration with some of the world's largest companies to the backbone of the company. Technologist/Engineer Steve Meyers joined the team a few months later. Coming from over 10 years of experience running multiple high profile and next generation engineering initiatives for Unisys, Steve completed the foundation that makes Slamm stand out among others. Their dynamically scaling team is specifically built for each project, pulling the exact skills and experience needed to accomplish the best result. With a team that has been working together for the better part of 10 years, the passion and expertise drives projects and shatters expectations.

Slamm has won numerous awards

Slamm has won numerous awards for their solutions (including their own website) and has been featured in magazines across the company (including Entrepreneur Magazine). They are not defined by their portfolio or their pedigree that got them here. They are defined simply by the experiences and passion they bring to each client. The partnership formed and trust earned by truly understanding client's pain, business needs and the ability to add top line value consistently makes Slamm an invaluable member of their client's team. Slamm has made their impression with the world's largest companies and government agencies, led re-structuring of the Eastern Technology Council (the Philadelphia region's largest technology and life sciences organization) and helped Comcast-Spectacor's Flyers Wives Charity reach a record high attendance. Slamm has enabled one of the area's fastest growing financial recruitment firms to be a trend setter, as well as helped to Philly Morning Radio Show to the next level. Slamm is not confined to a specific medium, technology or style. It's all about "appropriate design".

Eastern Technology Council Website Redesign

Their experience in strategy, marketing, user experience and engineering has provided them with a unique view of the world and an aptitude to service clients far beyond their initial ideas. They take great pride in being able to see a picture much bigger than just the primary and even secondary goals.

buzzbi online community

One of Slamm's newest ventures is "buzzbi". Buzzbi is an online community that provides live information and updates on what's happening around you right now. Who's going where, are they enjoying it, and allowing users to make informed decisions on what they would most enjoy. Restaurant and bar specials, special events, music and entertainment, heck even garage sales. It's about giving you real-time community based information about what's happening around you. How cool would it be to arrive in a new city and be able to immediately find that there is a great blues band playing down the street and people are having a great time. Or be walking around your home town and see there is a Modern Art show going on now just a few blocks away. Well, now you can. Buzzbi is in private Alpha right now but the community is already growing quickly and lots of new ideas are brewing.

Healthy Humans Brand

Slamm Creative continues to grow and partner with our current clients and is exciting about building relationships with our new ones. 2009 promises to be a very busy and exciting year.

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