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Hollister Creative
by Hollister Creative, 1 Dec 2008

At Hollister Creative creativity is not enough. It must be paired with competence. That's why Hollister Creative structures each engagement to eliminate the typical worries about projects going off course, over budget, or past deadline. A creative team member, not a middleman, will be your guide from start to finish.

The newspaper editor was on Mommy hiatus, freelancing from her attic office. With her youngest child in kindergarten, it was time to go back to newspapers or forward to start the kind of company she wanted to work for.

That company would be a community of smart, creative people. They would use their creativity to help clients inform, entertain, educate and motivate a target audience. It would be challenging, but it would be fun.

Hollister Creative

Hollister Creative became a community of two in 1993, when founder Kim Landry hired her first employee, a recent graduate of Drexel University's graphic design program. In 2008, Heidi Karl celebrates her 15th year as Art Director and leader of Hollister's award-winning graphic design team.

Today Hollister is a community of 10, with a strong core of senior people who have been working together as a cohesive team for many years. Kim's husband Peter Landry left The Philadelphia Inquirer in 1996, after 13 years as a reporter and editor, to take over the agency's educational publishing division, Hollister Kids. Managing Editor Martha Michaela Brown and Senior Designer Renée Guie joined the agency in 2000, Editor Don Harrison in 2001, Office Manager Susan Balaban in 2002, Editor Rachel Vigoda in 2005, Designer Georgette Klotz in 2007, and Apprentice Designer Betsy Stepler in 2008.

The pairing of content and design that began with the Kim-Heidi collaboration continues to distinguish Hollister today. Among the largest graphic design firms in Greater Philadelphia, Hollister is the only one that offers a full range of editorial services, from tight, bright copywriting for brochures and websites to the planning, reporting, writing and editing of an entire newspaper or magazine.

Hollister Creative

Hollister is able to deliver on the promise of compelling content and content-driven design because the agency's writers and designers work closely together toward a common goal. For each print and online product, they seek a marriage of words and images that seem made for each other, the way music and lyrics make a song.

Over the years, the desire to inform, entertain, educate and motivate through words and images led Hollister to specialize in three areas: Custom Publishing, Marketing Communications and Educational Publishing.

Custom Publishing projects in 2008 included a forward-focused annual report for Exelon Power Team, an e-newsletter for Comcast, a new alumni magazine for Penn State Abington, the monthly newspaper Milestones for Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, and the newsmagazine Technology Times for the Eastern Technology Council.

Marketing Communications projects recently completed or underway include a website and print marketing kit for Metro Technology Services, a website and community outreach materials for the Pennsylvania Perinatal Partnership, an event guide and signage for the Enterprise Awards, and a resume booklet for a Wharton MBA program.

Hollister's Educational Publishing division is a 44-time national award winner for supplemental educational materials. Hollister Kids produces custom teacher guides and kid-friendly curriculum pieces commissioned by museums and cultural institutions, college and pro sports teams, corporations, foundations and newspapers for outreach to schools and families.

Hollister Creative

Certainly creativity is an important reason for Hollister's longevity and success, but it is not the only reason. "Every one of Hollister's competitors is creative," Kim Landry notes. "Most clients are looking for something more. They want a strategic partner who will ask the right questions, understand their business challenges, and help them reach their goals."

With that in mind, Hollister recently adopted and trademarked a new slogan: "Creativity is not enough."

"That may sound counter-intuitive for a creative services firm," Kim says, "but it's a fact. Like most stereotypes, the one about creative folks being a bit flakey contains a grain of truth. Typical worries for people who hire designers are projects going off course, over budget or past deadline – because it happens too often."

Where Hollister Creative can and does stand out can be summed up in one word: competence. "We have a hard-earned reputation for reliability," Kim says. "Our clients know they can count on us as partners, to provide good advice, respond to their needs and get the job done right."

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