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HG Marketing Group: Strategic Planning, Tactical Advertising, Marketing Consulting
by Lauren Sullivan, 1 Oct 2008

HG Marketing Group LLC is a full-service marketing agency in the Philadelphia area, providing award-winning strategic marketing for a wide variety of clientele. With an extensive knowledge of the advertising industry, HG Marketing Group has the ability to efficiently develop effective design for business print and Web materials.

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Located in the heart of historic Doylestown, HG Marketing Group has partnered with many distinct corporations, non-profits and small businesses in both Bucks County and Philadelphia.

The tour-de-force behind HG Marketing Group LLC is Laura Powers, President, who launched the company in 1996 under the name Harvest Graphics. When the company outgrew its name and began providing strategic planning and marketing consulting, as well as design, she changed the name to HG Marketing Group to better reflect the company's offerings.

Ms. Powers and her team have extended their services into the social media and online realm, offering clients everything from e-commerce Web sites and content management systems (CMS), to integrated blog and podcast solutions.

HG Marketing Group: Strategic Planning, Tactical Advertising, Marketing Consulting

"We have not only grown in our design services, but we have grown our strategic consulting and new technology offerings. This is very exciting for our team and for our clients," says Powers.

Since Web 2.0 emerged, HG Marketing Group has taken part in the social media sphere with sites like Twine, Twitter, and Flickr. Many of these have become standard fare with most marketing and communications firms, but HG Marketing Group is reaching beyond the standard as new types of media are encountered daily.

Strategic Marketing Planning and New Marketing Ideas

Advertising has long been focused on printed materials such as brochures, magazine ads, stationery, etc. Most firms have paired these popular mediums with the online or electronic version, whereby brochures are translated into Web sites, mail catalogs are translated into e-commerce sites, and even something like a press release or word-of-mouth piece is translated into a blog or an interactive message board.

"HG Marketing Group looks at print and online opportunities very differently than the typical firm," says Powers. "We understand what builds brand strength, but also understand that the user's experience with a print piece is much different than a user's experience at a Web site. Each must be approached individually in their visuals and content to accommodate these experiences while maintaining the brand consistently throughout."

Ms. Powers is not only the leading lady of HG Marketing Group, she is also the President of the Women's Business Forum of Bucks County, which is a non-profit group assisting women business owners in the area. She is also a past President and Trustee of the Kalmia Club in Lambertville, NJ.

"Community outreach to Bucks County area non-profit organizations is very important to me personally," says Powers. "I make sure that interest carries over into my company as well. We work hard to bring our services to organizations that can benefit from a small boost of marketing input and strategic insight. It is very rewarding for our whole team."

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