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Saving the World: One Client at a Time
by Scott Schultz, 1 Sep 2008

Scott Schultz is President of Schultz & Williams, Inc., a Philadelphia based planning, fundraising consulting and direct marketing firm serving nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes across the nation since 1987. Learn more about the firm at

I have always felt comfortable among creative professionals, but I am certainly not one of them. I have never actually designed a package, built a web site or stood over the pressmans shoulder to make sure they got it just right at the printers. I have, however, written a lot of copy, produced TV and radio, provided creative direction for brochures and collateral, and been responsible for creating strong and lasting brand identities (if I do say so myself). But most of all, I have managed the creative talents of others and integrated them with the not-so-creative, but equally as important individuals who work as planners, analysts and managers. Bringing it all together is a real challenge, but I have to admit that the creative guys are the straws that stir the drink. Without them, every package, spot or web page would be the same.

So how do you get creative types to dig down day after day to come up with the big idea, the brilliant design or to develop an innovation that will make your client famous?

In our firm, it has been fairly easy to inspire our creative talent we just remind them that they are here to Save the World!

That may sound a bit lofty, but that is what we do. We work exclusively with nonprofit organizations across the nation to build awareness, raise money and manage their resources effectively. Our clients are focused and I mean focused on issues involving the environment, education, health care, social services, research, international relief, etc., etc. Through our efforts, we are involved in feeding homebound seniors, protecting open space, providing affordable education, promoting good government and economic opportunity, supporting cutting edge medical research, and ensuring sustainable futures.

To say the least, we feel extremely fortunate to work with the noble causes and organizations that make up our client base. Together, we really are working to Save the World. It just doesnt get any better than that.

And that brings me back to the challenges of working with creative people and the creative process itself. Raising money for nonprofits is a net game. We like to be noticed and win awards as much as the next guy, but our bottom-line is clear raise more money for the causes we represent. That is where our creative staff and partners are really asked to step up to the plate they know they have to do things differently when they work with us on behalf of our clients. We expect nothing less than great copy and design, and that innovative online solutions and outrageous marketing concepts be used in the implementation of our strategies, but what we expect the most are results. Results really matter. That is our obsession.

In the years ahead, the Philadelphia creative sector will continue to contribute mightily to the success of nonprofit organizations around the country. And make no mistake, raising money is big business. According to Giving USA more than $300 billion was raised in America for charities in 2007, so by working in this field you can do well, as well as do good.

We look forward to playing a substantive role in building the resources and opportunities that will help to shape and ensure our communitys legacy of service.

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