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Fusing Brand and Direct Advertising
by Adam Bailine, 1 Jun 2008

Roska Direct Advertising is a full-service agency with proven expertise in integrating brand and direct into a powerful new form of communication. Founded in 1981 by Jon Roska, the agency's mission is simple: find out what your customer wants – and give it to them.

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We're recognized as one of the top independent direct advertising agencies in the nation. Every day, we serve consumer, B2B and healthcare clients with a complete range of in-house agency services provided by more than 50 direct marketing professionals. And we continue to grow by helping an ever-increasing number of national clients build their business through effective, measurable acquisition and retention programs.

Roska Direct Advertising: Fusing Brand and Direct Advertising

This year, in a move to enhance our growing interactive offerings, we acquired Mueller & Wister – an interactive agency. And speaking of new additions, take a look at our bold, stunningly eccentric mural. We thought we'd spice things up a bit by adding this painting to our kitchen area. We're the only agency with a giant dinosaur looming over the interior – and we're safer, happier, and more productive than ever as a result.

How we work.

When you apply the brand techniques we've developed to direct advertising, you completely change the response patterns.

Roska Direct Advertising: Fusing Brand and Direct Advertising

Ongoing direct programs usually suffer from declining response as you continue to market to the targeted prospects. It happens in all media channels – email, direct mail, direct TV, or print – response declines over time.

But with the proper development of brand memory triggers working in conjunction with direct response triggers, you can actually maintain, even increase orders, continually.

Roska Direct Advertising: Fusing Brand and Direct Advertising

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