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Philly Ad Club :: Made to Market
by Juanita Berge, 1 Aug 2009

On Wednesday, July 22, 2009 Philly Ad Club's Young Professionals held a different kind of mixer. Called Made to Market, the group promised a "creative seminar designed to inspire your imagination." Held at Rembrandt's at 741 N. 23rd Street, audience groups worked together to create mini marketing campaigns.

Dana Weber, one of the developers of the Made to Market concept, said she and her team were looking to come up with an idea that was both fun and educational - looking for something completely different from what PAC YP'ers had already been to.

PAC YP'ers

After some happy hour time, the evening was brought to order by Jason Wisdom, another of the developers of the evening. He explained the procedure that would be used that evening, part of the creative process of Adio Design out of California, then proposed that their audience make something to market. Literally. They divided their audience up into five groups, gave each a product and its demographic, and set them loose to come up with a marketing strategy. The audience was then given an abbreviated process for developing this strategy: brainstorming; prototyping; and marketing. Weber and her group figured those three aspects got audience members working as a team on solving problems and were the most enjoyable parts of the process. A set amount of time was given to brainstorming about the idea, then a set amount of time to developing a prototype of the idea. Facilitators went to each table with advice and ideas. These served as 'creative director' for each group. Finally, in the presentation phase, each group was given 2 minutes to present their marketing campaign to a panel of Philadelphia advertising industry professionals.

PAC YP'ers

For the next thirty minutes there was much laughter and talking. The room was abuzz with energy and ideas. Most people seemed to genuinely be enjoying themselves. Of course the bar and hors d'oeuvres stations remaining open throughout the session helped things along, but creative energy was definitely percolating.

The Made to Market idea represented a more intelligent after-work mixer. It was well organized and prepared for the crowd. Each table was set up with supplies for the evening. The facilitators' input was invaluable. It wasn't just drinks and chit-chat. We actually learned something there.


In the presentation segment of the evening, group members were to name their product or service, determine its unique selling proposition, figure out how and where they would market their product, then, give the pitch. Each team was given 2 minutes to sell their product in a QVC-like sales presentation.

Some unique ideas came out of the endeavor. The pink team came up with Claws Nail Salons for the cougar market. Their tagline: Sharpen Your Claws. The black team developed the Dental Turbo Washer, a clap-activated dental device that brushes, flosses and whitens the teeth. They came up with the idea of partnering with NASCAR and Wal-Mart in mass tooth washing rallies. The purple team developed the Gotta Go interactive potty training device complete with intercom system.

Panel of judges

Industry professionals on hand were Michael Gadsby, Creative Director at 03 World; Deborah Jurgeleit, Managing Partner & Director of Strategic Planning with the Starr Group; Kristin O'Connor, Art Director at Razorfish; Yuri Rozman, Designer with Spark Creative; and Kellie Tulo, Event Sales Manager at Lucky Strike Lanes.

Wisdom, one of the events co-creators, said the purpose of the evening was to bring people through some of the creative process, reiterating that there is a process. "Marketing ideas are not just developed by a group of people shut up in a room with a bottle of bourbon," he pointed out. PAC YP'ers wanted to illustrate that brilliant ideas are developed through a specific series of steps, some of which were illustrated that night.

The Philly Ad Club YP Committee Members who made Made To Market a great success (From left: Jason Wisdom, Jennifer Jones, Zack Kinslow, Manny Romano, Ryan Barlow, Kimberly Neff, and Dana Weber)

Philly Ad Club YP, a subgroup of the Philly Ad Club, offers you a community tailored to the needs of Young Professionals in the communications industry. Philly Ad Club YP is dedicated to serving and inspiring our members through social, networking and educational activities and opportunities that will help you advance your career and assist in meeting your company's goals.

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