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Young Professionals Network Commerce Event
by Juanita Berge, 1 May 2009

The Chamber's Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a professional development program of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce designed to allow young business people to interact socially, exchange ideas, and share common interests.

With in insider's view of the regional business scene, young business people can improve their networking skills, make contacts with their peers from various industries, and meet regularly with the region's most prominent and influential business leaders at YPN's monthly programs and events. More information about YPN may be found at:

Mayor Michael Nutter was the featured speaker for the YPN (Young Professional's Network) of Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce event on April 13th. Held at St. Joseph's University, the evening event brought a sold out crowd to Mandeville Hall. Scheduled to appear at 6:30 pm the Mayor was delayed with city business. This gave the YPNers a chance to network and socialize even further into the evening without problem what with hors d'oeuvres and an open bar helping things along. Around about 7:30, the Mayor appeared and the crowd moved eagerly to the assembly hall where he spoke.

Mayor Nutter seemed in a fairly jocular mood that evening and he gave an energetic speech to those gathered there. His speech focused on the economy and the city's fiscal crisis. Nutter discussed his actions as a strong proponent of tax reform and tax reduction in light of his plans for the suspension of tax reductions, cutbacks in city services and the raising of targeted taxes in order to address the city budget crisis. Needing to deal with what he termed 'short-term economic problems' without damaging the city's long-term potential for economic growth, the Mayor states he's actively fighting against a raise in the city wage tax or business taxes – all the while steering the budget in such a way as to avoid any future retribution from Harrisburg. The state of the city and what YPN members and the business community could do to help resolve the fiscal crisis was his message that night. He stressed greater involvement on the parts of constituents there as crucial to his decision-making process.

Young Professionals Network Commerce Event

The floor was then opened to the audience. Mayor Nutter fielded questions about stimulus dollars (Philly gets is share of what every city its size gets, that's why keeping Harrisburg happy is important,) parking authority wars (he's been in them,) and how the mayorship is going for him (great, though he sees his daily itinerary more as a suggestion than a schedule.) He answered questions about Philadelphia schools (the Philadelphia School District's test scores have been increasing for the past six years,) adult literacy (states the city is proactive in increasing it,) retaining the region's college graduates (that's a tough one but one he's willing to tackle, seeing it as crucial to the city's future growth,) and energy and the creation of jobs in the green economy (his goal being Philadelphia named the #1 green city in the U.S.).

Young Professionals Network Commerce Event

It was a lively dialogue with a succession of people lined up for the mikes. The crowd was clearly pro-Nutter and the mayor had very ready answers. Finally, the emcee for the night called and end to the question and answer period with the audience and Mayor still very much in the midst of things.

Considering his actions as Councilman in 2002 concerning St. Joe's students, it's ironic that he's spent a second year addressing the YPNers at St. Joseph's University. His unpopular measures then left St. Joe's students open to triple the usual fines for traffic or parking tickets or any other offense. The Mayor was even asked if he'd repeat his performance for YPN in the same venue in 2010, to which he readily agreed. The Mayor is a regular on their yearly docket.

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